FINDING YOUR VOICE AS AN ARTIST…                            18 January 2019

As a producer I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with hundreds of artist from all over the world over the course of the last 10 years within the music industry.  One thing I feel strong or passionate about is that You as the Artist, Writer, Creator, Composer, must be in tune spiritually with who you are as an Artist before they even pick up the pen, rhyme a dope sixteen bar verse, or book the next studio recording session or step up to the mic to record first song is to find your voice as an artist.  By simply letting a beat or instrumental play and just practice.  You can use song material that you have written in the past, songs that are already out from artist that you gravitate towards or vibe too.  Just add your colorful vibrant twist to it while letting go, having fund, while making sparks of light.  While you are singing, rapping, free-styling pay very close attention to how it feels in the moment, like the energy that is coming out of your soul when you speak.  Remember it’s not the instrumental that shapes the artist.  The artist has the true power to sculpt and shine over any beat!  Be confident and shine bright!  Take a listen to a record we recorded from my Illusion album called ‘Young N Famous’ featuring CHADROTO, QUIZ, JADA LEE and ANJANNETE that I produced and released for listening purposes on my soundcloud music page.  Each artist on the record was able to bring their own unique voices and talents to the table to create a timeless record in the studio!!!  –  CHill